made in Italy

MADELE is the brand created by Mariadele Roia who, after her graduation in Rome and her master as a stylist,seamstress and designer, starts to give birth to her own unique creations, experimenting new processing tecnique and alternative materials.Her first male capsule collection runs on the Milan catwalk as a part of the project "Abstract Feelings", and her creations are real armours for a timeless warrior, and express the idea of future and unconventionaly of the designer.

In 2015 she starts to work uniquely female collections,inspired by her intense passion for fashion and for business branch.The designer pays attention to details, choice of fabrics, and stylistic quality, in order to offer a unique and well-done garment, syntesis of italian craftsmanship exellence and the valued, modern style, that looks forward new fashion trends. Inspiration is the world of art, music, travel, creative expression of our new generations, as well as the old but everlasting and classic fashion icons.

The Madele collections are designed for a charming, but olso cosmopolitan and eclectic girl, who's out of the traditional patterns and schemes. The ambition of the designer is to mix up romanticism and urban style.

"Fashion is a sensation"
Mariadele Roia

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